best wood scribe tool

The Best Wood Scribe Tools For Woodworking

A wood scribe tool is one of those obscure hand tools you didn’t know you needed until, well,  you do. When it comes to trimming, installing cabinets, mortise and tenon joints or even a straight line scribe to prevent wood tear out a scribe is a must. In this article learn what styles of wood scribes are available and what’s best for your projects. When I was first learning to install cabinets one job the owner of the cabinet shop …

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Best Laminate J Roller

The Best Laminate Rollers For Counters

A high quality laminate roller will make building counters, veneering wood and installing flooring a much easier job. And ensure a higher quality result as bubbles and adhesion issues will be minimized. When I first started building cabinets we made 90% of our counters from laminate.  Which meant a good amount of time preparing the counters, sanding and making sure the surface was clean and ready to go. And the final step, of course, was carefully setting the laminate and …

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Japanese Saw for Woodworking

The Best Japanese Saws For Woodworking

One of the least known saws in woodworking is the Japanese saw. Because of this saws unique design it is often overlooked as a gadget and not the precision handsaw alternative that it is. But, its far from an oddity you’ll put in the tool chest and forget. In this article learn about the different types of Japanese saws and what’s best for your woodworking projects.