Best Cordless Table Saws Dewalt Saw

The Best Cordless Table Saws For Portable Use In 2022

Cordless table saws allow contractors and homeowners the ability to build just about anything off-grid. While there are just a few makers of these portable table saws, the best cordless table saws fro top brands are surprisingly capable. As an offshoot to a benchtop table saw, a cordless table saw has the unique job of being lightweight, capable of cutting hundreds of feet of plywood or lumber without power. And thus using a massive battery that few manufacturers have mastered. In this …

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Pocket Hole Jig

Ultimate Guide: Best Pocket Hole Jigs and Machines for Woodworking

While the best pocket hole jigs vary by your projects needs, they all have basic features like high quality bushings and clamping surfaces in common. And every woodworker has at least one pocket hole jig in their collection of tools.  While the types of wood joinery range from classic mortise and tenons, dowels, half lap, a DOMINO and more the pocket screw joint is surprisingly popular. Learn what the best choices are for your budget and projects in this comprehensive …

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Exterior Barn Door With Galvanized Hardware

Exterior Barn Doors, Hardware And How to Build One

While barn doors started outside (of course) they rapidly moved indoors over the last decade and have become a popular alternative to standard passage doors. But once a trend takes hold, the tendency is for it to grow. So, of course, barn doors returned outdoors to structures like sheds and garages as aesthetic and functional ways to improve the look of buildings. As a long-time woodworker, learn how I made both the barn door and installed it with a galvanized …

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Cabinet Installation Tools

The Best Cabinet Installation Tools, Jacks and Jigs

Installing cabinets is a precision job that requires unique tools that most DIY’ers don’t own. And without spending a few bucks on the right cabinet installation tools homeowners run the risk of damaging expensive cabinets. After installing over a hundred kitchens I’ve learned a trick or two and am sharing the tools that make installing cabinets easier, faster and with higher quality. While many tools on this list are available at a big box store near you, these top three …

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Wood Vise in Cabinetmakers Top

The Best Woodworking Vises, Types and How To Mount Them

Woodworking vises free up your hands to carve, screw, drill or do whatever task is needed while your work stays securely in place. But, choosing the right type of vise and mounting location isn’t as obvious as it might seem. Learn why woodworkers prefer a vise like the aptly named    for its versatility, compactness and all-wood jaws plus other types of woodworking vises. A vises number one job is hold onto your woodworking piece when you need it. And then …

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How to Replace Deck Boards

How to Replace Deck Boards

After 15 years, my cedar deck boards needed to be replaced. And while we enjoyed the look of cedar, having to pressure wash and stain every few years is just too much maintenance. But knowing how to replace deck boards is different from building a deck. From understanding if a simple replacement is an option to tricks in demolition learn a few tips and tricks that can save you both time and money.  And after just replacing my own deck …

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Best Cordless Chain Saws For Firewood

Ultimate Guide: Cordless Chainsaws For Firewood

I grew up cutting and splitting ten cords of firewood every spring. And after running both a logging sized Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws the thought of a cordless chainsaw had been, well, amusing. But after using a  on a few trees in the backyard am a believer that for casual use the noisy gas chainsaws can be retired. Batteries have made a quantum leap from powering drills to powering cars. And, in the last five years, have started powering everything from cordless …

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Install Cabinet Hinge Using Hinge Jig

The Best Hinge Jigs For Cabinets and Doors

A hinge jig is a must for drilling cabinet hinge holes for concealed hinges. As you know (or can guess) drilling a 35mm hole about 1/2″ deep in a cabinet door isn’t easy to undo. So rather than damage that door you’ve labored over, use a concealed hinge jig for your doors and save time (and money). In this article learn what types of hinge jigs are available and what’s best for you.

Types of Wood for Furniture

Best Types of Wood For Furniture (Indoor and Outdoor)

When choosing a type of wood for furniture, it’s best to factor in the top three considerations of any woodworking project: cost, location and aesthetics. Budget is often the first consideration in most woodworking projects. And, for furniture -grade wood its wise to keep cost in check. For example, a project that requires 40 board feet of lumber at $8 a board foot will cost you $320. And that’s before you start a saw, buy a hinge or purchase a …

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