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Greetings and I’m glad you’ve found my site!

I have been a woodworker the past 25 years and have enjoyed making a long list of projects:

  • 100+ kitchens from a 2-person cabinet shop
  • Cabinet installations
  • Custom desks
  • Dining room tables and benches
  • Kids furniture
  • Custom cherry dressers, beds and wardrobe
  • Full size interior and exterior doors (and jambs)
  • Shelving
  • Quarter sawn white oak bedroom furniture
  • and more…

On this site I share my experiences, tools and what I’m looking at buying to help your woodworking pursuits.

What I Like Best About Woodworking

The peace of the workshop and the finished results.

While to some woodworking involves many mundane projects (sanding, planing, ripping boards) – for me these are times to think about the project and how it will all come together.

And, when making projects for yourself or others, the satisfaction of the final install or product is always worth the journey.

Workshop and Tools

As a sample, I’ve used everything from a 37×80″ wide belt sander to personal drum sanders for my projects. 

Do you ever have enough tools? No.

But can you make anything with a small handful of tools? Absolutely. 

A few of my current tools include:

  • 22×44″ Jet drum sander
  • Jet cast iron table saw (a SawStop is up next)
  • Rigid planer (I use the drum sander and 24-grit paper for a lot of jobs)
  • Sanders of all types
  • Biscuit joiner (pocket holes are good, biscuits are better)



I hope you enjoy the articles and feel free to reach out through my contact page!