LED Cabinet Lights

Best LED Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire

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There have never been as many options for under cabinet lighting. With LED mainstream and offering “warm lights” the best LED under cabinet lighting direct wire can be customized to whatever your needs and preferences are.

Direct wire LED lights can be found in three styles:

  1. Puck-style lights like LED pucks.
  2. Traditional bulb-style lights like the ASOKO dimmable.
  3. Light tape strips like this Wobane light tape.
One last thing before we get started, LED’s are notorious for being bright white. The industry has addressed this with a color level scale. Simply put, 5000K lights are bright white and a 2700K light (lower the number) is warmer in color towards a softer/yellow hue.
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What color LED for under cabinet lighting?

If you know one fact about LED’s before purchasing you need to understand the color level scale.

LED’s come in a (popular) range of 2700-5000K. The lower the number the “warmer” the light. Conversely, the higher the number the “brighter” or “whiter” the light.

If you are unsure trying out a few lights may make sense before screwing them to your cabinets.

How many lumens do I need for under cabinet lighting?

Lumens are a function of the wattage and it’s efficiency in producing light. The lumens required will vary based on your usage of the space and amount of light. Generally, under cabinet lights are low wattage lights with lower lumens as their intent is to cast some light but not enough to illuminate an entire space.

Are LED under cabinet lights dimmable?

Yes. But you should purchase lights that support dimmable inherent to the fixture and not attempt to customize. 

How long do LED under cabinet lights last?

The simple answer: years. LED lights are constructed differently than traditional bulbs and by virtue of design can last up to 50,000 hours.

Bulbs.com has calculations to put your mind at ease that LEDs will possibly outlast your kitchen.

How much does it cost to install LED under cabinet lights?

The cost of installing a wired LED under cabinet light will vary based on a few factors. First, the style of light and if they will require running wires throughout the cabinets. Second, availability of electricity to power the lights. And finally, the number of lights, number of cabinets, power sources required and style of lights installed.

Homeadvisor.com has a good guide for lighting with some sample costs of lighting installation.

How far apart do you put LED downlights?

Installation distance will vary by the LED light chosen. Each light will direct light slightly different, and there can be preferences on how much light is desired in the kitchen. For wired LED installation it’s best to layout and test out the light “throw” – preferably in a dark room.

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