Best Miter Saw Fence System With Stops

The Best Miter Saw Fence System (Pro, DIY)

Adding a miter saw fence system to my miter saw was the best investment in my shop yet. Not sure if a miter saw stop will improve your woodworking? Well, these systems install in just a few hours, have an integrated ruler, and will stop the constant measuring and marking you’re doing now. In this article learn what miter saw fence stops are on the market and what’s best for your saw.

Plywood Cabinet Pieces

How to Setup a Home Woodworking Shop

A home woodworking shop setup is never simple. Because each space is unique you’ll need to consider cars, wood storage and need for portability vs. fixed tools. #1 – What Do You Need From Your Workshop? For the moment don’t look at your available workshop space as that’s more than likely not going to change.  Focus instead on how you’ll plan to use the space – from projects, tools, and demands of the space for lighting and heat. What Projects Will I …

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