Hardwood Lumber Grades

Understanding Hardwood Lumber Grades and Jargon

After walking into a lumber yard for the first time many new woodworkers are instantly confused with the jargon. Purchasing hardwood requires understanding hardwood lumber grades and is not like buying wood from a big box store. For example, if you wanted a half dozen 6-inch boards you might have expected to buy them individually like a 2×4. But, when it comes to hardwood, you’ll face a language barrier. In this article learn how to understand the terminology, how best …

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Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber Near Me? 5 Simple Tricks to Find Hardwood

Woodworkers know that finding hardwood lumber lumber can be a challenge. Perhaps you’ve spent hours searching and trying to compare costs. Or, maybe you know of a few stores and are looking to find a unique piece of hardwood. While I’ve spent hours finding hardwood lumber near me for my projects this article should help your search. We’ve probably all had the same experience trying to buy lumber.  With limited supplies in even large metros, trying to decide if you’re …

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