Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood Lumber Near Me? 5 Simple Tricks to The Best Deal

I’ve found buying hardwood lumber lumber near me isn’t as simple as it could be. Perhaps you’ve spent hours searching and trying to compare costs. Or, maybe you know of a few stores and are looking to find a unique piece of hardwood. In this article learn where to find hardwood and how to shop for the best deal.BEST GLUE LINE RIP BLADE:  use a glue line rip blade to make glass smooth cuts. INNOVATIVE GLUE BOTTLE:  from FastCap for no-mess …

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Best Sandpaper for Wood

The Best Sandpaper and Grits for Woodworking

The best sandpaper for wood is a combination of choosing the right grit and the right sander. Did you know the best combination of sandpaper is spread across three machines (belt sander, orbital and palm sander)? In this article learn what sandpaper for wood is best and which grits to use. BEST ORBITAL SANDPAPER: BEST PALM SANDPAPER: BEST MOUSE SANDPAPER: Sanding wood is a progression. And it takes patience to do right. While it’s tempting to cut corners, planning out …

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Best Screws for Outdoor Use

Best screws for outdoor use: Complete guide to outdoor screws

If you haven’t built an outdoor structure before a common question is a basic, but great one: what are the best screws for outdoor use? Can I use galvanized (cheapest) or do I need to invest in stainless screws? Will all screws work with my types of wood? In this guide learn how to pick the right exterior screws for your project.

Buying Hardwood Lumber

How to Select Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood is expensive and I’m cheap.  Learning how to select hardwood lumber isn’t an option – it’s a must if you want to find the right boards at the right price. A top grade board can cost $50 or more and grabbing the wrong one can be costly.  Why?  Warped or “waned” lumber can result in crooked cabinet doors.  And buying lower grades for high end projects can just result in excessive cutting or a poor finish.  Worse, over-buying grades …

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