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Best Grit for Sanding Wood – Pro Cabinetmaker Tips

Over the years I haven't just used sandpaper - I've used up and replaced many sanders. So my view on the best grit for sanding wood comes from a lot of time standing in front of many sanders.What is sandpaper grit? Grit on sandpaper refers to the size of the abrasive material used to remove wood or ...

Red Oak Hardwood Prices

Wondering what you should pay for red oak hardwood?  Read on to see price averages collected from dozens of hardwood suppliers.  Including prices for single board and 100bdf+. While there are typically local wood-shops to buy from - you will wonder what the best price is and if you are ...

How to Select Hardwood Lumber

Hardwood is expensive and I'm cheap.  Learning how to select hardwood lumber isn't an option - it's a must if you want to find the right boards at the right price.A top grade board can cost $50 or more and grabbing the wrong one can be costly.  Why?  Warped or "waned" lumber can result in crooked ...

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