Trim installation tools for installing molding

The Best Trim Installation Tools

Installing trim can be a daunting task without the right trim installation tools. For example, figuring out compound angles on crown molding or making an adjustment to the back of trim to fit the wall can be a major headache. In this article learn what tools are available to let you tackle trim installation for a higher quality result. As a cabinetmaker I have a healthy respect for installing trim.  While cabinet construction quality can be controlled a trim job …

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Finish Carpentry Tools

Finish carpentry tools: a practical guide to hand and power tools

When woodworking projects involve fitting perfect wood into an imperfect home having the right finish carpentry tools is a must. And, fortunately, these tools are useful for many other home woodworking jobs. Not sure what specialty tools for installing trim you’ll need? In this article learn about the best trim carpentry tools.

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