Lontan Drawer Slide SL4502S3

Lontan Drawer Slides (SL4502S3) – Product Review

Overview Rating:  4.5/5 Lontan side mount drawer slides are a high quality, dual spring soft closing drawer slide. With a built-in damper to prevent the drawer from slamming shut and smooth, quiet rails these budget-friendly drawer slides are a great pick for both new or retrofit applications. LONTAN DRAWER SLIDES (SL4502S3) LONTAN SL4502S3 Lontan drawer slides are available as both pairs or in bulk packs of two to ten pairs for larger jobs. With a standard 1/2-inch side clearance …

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Best Drawer Slides With Soft Close for Cabinets and Furniture

Ultimate Guide: Best Drawer Slides With Soft Closing Action (2022)

Buying the best soft close drawer slides requires understanding drawer slide mechanics, brand names and mounting location. Did you know not all slides will open easily, close smoothly and without noise? Or, that brand matters as some invest in certification? In this guide we purchased, tested and ranked the best drawer slides.

Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

How to Upgrade Drawer Slides In 5 Easy Steps (2022)

Learning how to upgrade drawer slides for kitchen cabinets and furniture is as simple as picking the right drawer slide, rear mount brackets and a jig to accurately install them. #1. Pick drawer slides that fit the existing drawer dimensions. Learn More #2. Purchase drawer slide brackets for face frame cabinets. Learn More #3. Use a drawer slide jig to ensure slides operate correctly. Learn More First, replacing drawer slides is a project most woodworkers can easily tackle.  But for …

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What Size Drawer Slides

What Size Drawer Slides Do I Need? DIY Guide (2022)

SOFT CLOSE DRAWER SLIDES Popular: Lontan Side Mount Slides Even experienced woodworkers will sometimes pause and ask what size drawer slides do I need? While that might seem odd, drawer slides are a confusing piece of cabinet hardware as they have various mounts (side, bottom, under, top and center) and lengths vary by the type of slide. Which makes choosing drawer slides a challenge. In this article learn how drawer depth, cabinet construction, mounting location and weight capacity will all factor …

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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

The Best Heavy Duty Drawer Slides in 2022

While heavy duty drawer slides are commonly used in industrial shelving, RV pullouts, and custom trailers there are key features that decide which slide type is best for each application. For example, choosing the best heavy duty drawer slide requires understanding features like locking, extension lengths and weight capacity for the best and safest solution. In this guide we’ll cover slides by their use: Heavy duty drawer slides for 250+ pound plus loads Extra long drawer slides that extend 36″ …

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Drawer Slide Jig

The Best Drawer Slide Jig For Installing Drawers In 2022

As you probably know, installing drawers without a drawer slide jig is a recipe for frustration and poor performing drawers. But did you know that variations in cabinet construction, mounting styles of your drawers and jig bundles are factors in deciding on the best drawer slide jig for your projects? In this article learn what jig you’ll need and some accessories to go with it. When I first started building cabinets in the 1990’s we made our own drawer jigs that …

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Types of Drawer Slides

Types of Drawer Slides: Complete Guide to All Mounting Styles In 2022

When woodworkers build drawers they know what the types of drawer slides are. But if you are new to drawer construction the terminology can be downright confusing. And no aspect of a drawer slide is more confusing than the type of mount. Which makes choosing and buying your drawer slides first very important. From confusing use of mounting locations, soft close vs. self close (they aren’t the same thing), and weight capacity there is just a lot of lingo to …

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How to Install Drawer Slides

How to Install Drawer Slides – 7 Simple Tips (2022)

While some woodworking tasks can be learned as you go, when it comes to how to install drawer slides it’s a must to spend some time upfront learning tips and even buying tools. Sure, you can measure twice and cut once during construction, but when it comes to drawers you’re dealing with three dimensions of alignment and 1/16″ precision. And without the right tools and tricks you’ll end up with mis-aligned drawers, broken slides, or worse… Installing drawer slides can be …

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22" drawer slides

The Top 22″ Drawer Slides For Cabinet or Furniture Projects In 2022

Almost every kitchen has 22″ drawer slides moving drawers in and out. While some are basic like the epoxy slide, others have integrated push to open with soft closing technology to enhance ease of use. In this article we’ll review ten of the best drawer slides for your project that will fit your capability and budget. Before we begin, choosing the best slides has to take into account your project needs: For new drawers, all drawer slides can be considered. …

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