Best Cabinet Door Damper for Soft Closing Door

Best Cabinet Door Dampers for Soft Close Cabinet Doors [2021]

With cabinet door dampers costing just a few dollars a door there’s no reason you shouldn’t have soft close cabinet doors. Better yet, a damper will install in just seconds a door and the best dampers are completely adjustable to your size door. In this article learn what the best cabinet door dampers are and how to install them. When I built my cherry cabinets in 2005 soft close cabinet hinges were just becoming mainstream. So, while I should have …

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Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges

Ultimate Guide: Best Soft Close Cabinet Hinges [Hands On Review – 2021]

When it comes to the best soft close cabinet hinges, or any cabinet hinge for that matter, there are very few brands I trust. Not sure what the top brands are? Confused with overlays and the best hinges for frameless or face frame cabinets? In this article learn what the best concealed hinges for your project are.

Guide to Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Ultimate Guide: Ball bearing drawer slides for cabinets and furniture

Ball bearing drawer slides are the most common drawer slide type. And, they are almost one of the least understood. Not sure what self closing vs. soft closing means? Confused on mounting locations? Always wanted to slide a 500 pound load but didn’t know if a slide was made for it? In this article learn all about ball bearing slides.

Farmhouse Kitchen Hardware

Guide to Farmhouse Cabinet Hardware Knobs and Pulls

After 15 years of the same shaker-style kitchen I’m in discussion on updating to a farmhouse kitchen. And, part of that process is finding farmhouse cabinet hardware to fit both the design and other hardware in the house. But, surprisingly, there aren’t many resources on farmhouse hardware. So, I pulled together a collection of knobs and pulls for farmhouse style kitchens.

Concealed Hinge for Cabinet Doors

DIY Guide to the best concealed hinges [6 Hidden Hinges]

Concealed hinges are so popular that if you look at any new kitchen you’ll notice the hinges aren’t visible. Building a cabinet and looking for the best concealed hinge? Or, perhaps you want to upgrade/replace your existing hinges with a soft close concealed hinge? We’ll cover all types of hidden hinges in this article.

Types of Drawer Slides

DIY Guide to Types of Drawer Slides [2021]

Not sure what the right types of drawer slides are best for your next project? Looking for a new drawer slide for your kitchen? Or, maybe you’re building a desk, furniture or even garage storage and want to know the best type of drawer slide for the project. While drawer slides are confusing, in this article we’ll help you pick the right slide for your drawer. And, while 90% of drawers can be powered by my favorite side mount slide …

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Spring Loaded Hinge

Ultimate guide to spring loaded hinges and how to install them

Looking for spring loaded hinges and trying to decide what’s best for your project? Perhaps your adding a spring to close a passage door? Or, maybe a gate, cabinet or other specialty hinge. Whatever your project this guide will help you select the right hinge.  For some reason our builder didn’t install a self-closing door in our entryway from the garage. So, a few weeks ago I added two to the door.  Easy to install and adjust, and wished I …

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How to Install Drawer Slides

How to install drawer slides (with 7 simple tips)

While some woodworking tasks can be learned as you go, when it comes to how to install drawer slides it’s a must to spend some time upfront learning tips and even buying tools. Sure, you can measure twice and cut once during construction, but when it comes to drawers you’re dealing with three dimensions of alignment and 1/16″ precision. And without the right tools and tricks you’ll end up with mis-aligned drawers, broken slides, or worse… Installing drawer slides can be …

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Slow Close for Barn Door

How to Choose the Best Barn Door Hardware

Choosing the best barn door hardware can be confusing. Since this type of hardware involves lengths that might not make sense, rollers, offsets and other jargon some education is needed if it’s your first time. In this article we’ll walk through the best hardware available, break down what the hardware lingo means, and highlight the key features that will simplify your buying decision. Before we begin let’s run down what goes into choosing the right barn door hardware: All metal …

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