7 Tricks for Installing Drawer Slides Correctly

Installing drawer slides can be the most frustrating part of any cabinet or furniture project. And I've installed thousands of them.What makes installing slides so difficult? Well consider these issues:Fighting the 3D alignment of the drawer and slide: up/down, left/right, and in/outFinding the ...

How to Choose the Best Barn Door Hardware

Choosing the best barn door hardware can be confusing. Since this type of hardware involves lengths that might not make sense, rollers, offsets and other jargon some education is needed if it's your first time.In this article we'll walk through the best hardware available, break down what the ...

Best Drawer Slides for Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to drawer slides for kitchen cabinets I have two preferred slides - both with soft close. First, for new cabinets it is Blum undermount. And second, for retrofit it is the economical Lontan side mount ball bearing.Finding the best drawer slides for kitchen cabinets is a challenge. ...

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