Best Cabinet Making Tools

The Best Cabinet Making Tools For Doors and Drawers

Even experienced woodworkers know there are always a few more cabinet making tools they don’t own. Which makes new woodworkers cringe as the list is already, well, long. From having the right heavy duty table saw to quality router tables, the proper types of saw blades and router bits the list can be lengthy and confusing. Types of Cabinet Making Tools To make things simple, woodworkers will look at cabinetmaking in three general steps: Cutting, milling and sanding Tools to …

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Best Cabinet Hardware Jig

Cabinet Hardware Jigs, Templates and Guides for Better Accuracy

The best cabinet hardware jigs are designed to be used for jobs of any size, are made from all metal components and are easy to use. But, for budget minded projects or one-time use, a less expensive jig with a reputation for durability and precision is what DIY’ers or occasional woodworkers will choose.  But, most importantly, the top cabinet hardware jigs will work on all styles of doors, including shaker cabinets that have a challenging inset face. So what makes …

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Tools To Make Cabinet Doors

The Best Tools to Make Cabinet Doors In 2022

Woodworkers know that the right tools to make cabinet doors not only make the job easier, they improve finished quality. Which makes investing in the right tools job number one. Of course, budget is always a consideration. Since woodworking is a hobby for most, a part-time job for some and well, professionals have the tools figured out. In this guide learn about: Routers Router tables for making door rails and stiles Raised panel bits Sanders for sanding panels and finished …

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Cabinet Installation Tools

The Best Cabinet Installation Tools and Jacks

The right cabinet installation tools can save you thousands versus paying a professional. Which makes investing a few hundred dollars in having the right tools to install cabinets not only a good investment, but a must. Most homeowners will have the basic saws and maybe even nail guns needed to install cabinets. But, because of the unique challenges cabinets pose, a proper installation requires specialty tools that generally only professionals know about: CABINET JACKS: will hold upper cabinets in place …

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Cabinet Jack and Claw

How To Use A Cabinet Jack And Claw In 2022

If you haven’t installed cabinets before you probably don’t know the benefits of a cabinet jack and claw. While ominous sounding, a cabinet claw is a bi-directional clamp for gripping face frames. And a cabinet jack is a tool to hold upper cabinets in place so the installers hands are free. As you can guess, combining these tools gives you a way to suspend cabinets in place, clamp them and then install the cabinet screws. And without these tools you’ll …

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